Government for the longest time has been failing the masses, the two dominant parties who have control have gotten so big that they forget about who they’re supposed to serve and they’ve become self-serving. I’d like to see government rebuilt where we re-lay the foundation and go back to our constitution from the beginning with government which was created by the people for the people to work only for the masses not any vested interest or any political party.

I believe government should only be used when the people need it. Government has imposed on constitutional rights over the last hundred years or so that unity and the doctrine of free will has been severely impacted. I believe the people have integrity, common sense and a general respect for each other. Our government needs to start evolving in working with the masses of people for the betterment of all! Blaming other parties for all that is wrong with government is no longer acceptable. Accountability of our government has suffered and needs to be restored in every aspect.

Once we repair all the damages that have been created over time, then and only then can we rebuild our government and reduce our government’s involvement in our all our lives – so the controls go back to the people who created it. Attacking others because of party affiliation is just silly as we are all equal in God’s eyes and fighting should never be a reason to succeed. The only way to succeed in a government structure is to create unity, to work in conjunction so there can be peace. I believe this is what the masses of people are really looking for as they have no more confidence in the government and the government needs to be restored immediately.

My name is William C. Van Helmond of the Libertarian Party. I will give you the avenue to return the doctrine of free will back to you the voter! One point that always needs to be remembered is our country started as Americans first before political parties and that’s what it should become again.

This was published on the editorial page of the Riverhead News Review on August 6, 2020.