Good morning everyone, as we are all aware that our campaign did not win last night. We need to congratulate the one who did and support her and pray that she helps all of us in our needs. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who did go out and vote and especially thank the ones who voted for our campaign! I’d like to congratulate both of my opponents for their campaigns! And there are no losers in this race -the three of us being candidates is not an easy process and sometimes you can’t even become a candidate, it appears to be harder than winning an election? It’s a very bizarre world but a very exciting world. I feel blessed and thankful for all of those who I reached out to and met, all of you who reached out to me and especially the path that we created as an example of how a politician and a campaign should be! I’ve never been more proud of you and myself then I am today. Let’s evaluate what’s occurred, let’s support those who won but also support those who did not. Let’s continue the unity that our campaign has established and spread it not only across district 2 but the whole world. For me this was a blessing and I am thankful.

~William C. Van Helmond