Via Ashley Shade on Facebook

Let’s make something clear.

There was absolutely nothing patriotic about the events in our nation’s capitol.

These people did not disrupt the transition of power process because they were sick of the government. They didn’t protest, march, destroy property, break barricades and assault people to overthrow government.

They did this because their cult leader lost. They did this because they feel they were cheated, and they were, but not in the way they think.

Election fraud has taken place for decades. It’s fraudulent that an election be promoted as a two candidate race when there are other candidates on the ballot who are legally eligible. It’s fraudulent to silence the voices of the other candidates and exclude them from debates if they’ve earned the right to legally be on the ballot. It’s fraudulent that millions of dollars are required to run for federal office just to be seen as valid.

But again these people weren’t protesting this fraudulent system, they were attempting to stage a coup d’etat to install their own leader above everyone else.

How did we get to this point? That’s easy, we’ve allowed our political system to be taken over by two factions. We have nominated candidates who don’t deserve to be in office. We’ve settled for decades on the lesser of two evils. Why? Because politics in the United States is a promotion of fear.

The two major parties and their candidates run the most successful campaigns when they convince you that you should be afraid of their opponents. The other side is always worse, and if you elect them everything you value and hold dear will be taken from you. Your natural born rights, your families, your livelihood and even your life can and will be taken by the opponent if they had their way. They’ve convinced people that anyone with opposing ideas and views is the enemy, seeking to destroy you.

When we constantly see people with opposing views as the enemy, we dehumanize them. We treat them as less than, as incompetent and as people who must be destroyed.

American Politics is supposed to be about solving issues and helping people. Our government is there to guide the republic at the will of the people, not demand the people do as they command. Our system is fatality wounded, because we’ve sacrificed love, respect and humanity for fear of different people and ideas.

There is only one hope left for our Republic. We must turn back to humanity, respect and love.

We cannot hate those who are different, believe different, behave different. We cannot continue to nominate candidates who are slightly better than the other person. We cannot view each other as the enemy. Unless someone is causing you direct imminent harm they are not the enemy. I’ve found myself caught up in this, and I apologize. I was wrong.

The system is the enemy, the toxic mindset of us versus them is the enemy. The continual backing of candidates we don’t believe in because “it’s better than the alternative” is the enemy.

Love is the brightest flame of Liberty. We cannot be free until everyone is free, we cannot be free when fueled by fear and hatred. Fear and hatred are nothing more than shackles that bind us evil. Fear and hatred take away our humanity.

I don’t hate people that I don’t agree with. I will also say that all people have the fundamental natural right to be who they are and live how they choose as long as they aren’t hurting others. Humanity is not a political ideology and shouldn’t be a political goal. Be who you are, love whom you wish to love and believe in whichever faith you may or may not choose. These aren’t political issues, they’re humanity issues everyone should support.

I’m calling on all of you to join me today. To denounce hatred and fear, to denounce the system that uses it to divide and control us, and to embrace humanity with empathy, respect and love.