As your next Riverhead highway superintendent I will invest in each employee of the Riverhead Highway Department to create better camaraderie and a better understanding of each other which will create better working conditions for all who are employed! This highway department belongs to the taxpayers and each and everyone of us including myself. I will work for each and everyone of you as you pay all in this town! I bring no vested interest as I’ve paid for my own campaign because I want to work for you!!! There is no nepotism here; the only thing that matters is serving the taxpayers. I will run the highway department like I did my business of over 40 years-working for each and everyone of you as a customer with respect, dignity and efficiency!!!

This is your time to control your highway department. Please write in my name -William Van Helmond- on November 2, 2021. It would be an honor and a privilege to work for you! Thank you!