Support Businesses

States must take steps to be business friendly. We must quit placing so many restrictions on new and developing industries and instead allow them to innovate and flourish.

Tax Reform

“We have massive amounts of overspending at the state level that must be cut.” – Larry Sharpe

We must implement alternate sources of revenue beyond the ridiculous taxation. We must end the subsidies currently given to major corporations that move in, wreck local and small businesses and leave once their tax savings program ends.

Healthcare Reform

We need consumer-driven healthcare reform. This means returning choices and power to people while driving prices down because providers must once again compete for business. Instead of being primarily concerned with who funds, this policy is more concerned with reforming the primary healthcare markets and state-level management of the health care industry itself. Regardless of who funds (individuals, employers or taxpayers), we must have lower healthcare costs.

We can reduce the cost of Medicaid by reducing healthcare costs and expenditures. We must eliminate poverty traps and make New York more friendly towards small business and hiring, helping to alleviate some of the state’s poverty troubles, and enabling more people to no longer require Medicaid.

Bail Reform

Defendants who have been arrested but not yet convicted should not be punished. However, without some security many defendants will never show up for their day in court. The balance between individual rights and public safety is best achieved by letting the judges determine on a case-by-case basis who is a flight risk or a danger to the public.


“People may in good faith hold differing opinions over their personal need for the vaccine, and an informed and factual debate about it is entirely beneficial and appropriate. However, what is not up for debate is the right of bodily autonomy. Every individual should have the opportunity to evaluate the evidence and make the choice that they find best suited for themselves. Just like every other medical choice, the choice to be vaccinated is (and should always be) in the hands of the individual. Never should this choice be made by politicians and bureaucrats for other individuals. History is littered with example after grisly example of governments inflicting all sorts of evil on their own populace under the ostensibly benign auspices of health, safety, or “the common good.” We cannot allow our government to take us down that road.” Via Libertarian Party website

Social distancing and immunizations should rely on voluntary compliance. The neighbor reporting on neighbor culture being created needs to be resisted at every front. William is opposed to any mandates and believes health decisions should be a private discussion with one’s doctor.


Freedom is precious. Right now we are facing the greatest threat to a free and open society that most of us have ever witnessed. William will continue to defend the principles of human freedom at every turn.